Bart will eine Katze

Bart will eine Katze is a choose-your-own-adventure-style book in which the reader determines the outcome of the story with their choices.  The title character, Bart, feels that there is something missing in his life, and thinks that getting a pet cat will help him be happier.  Along the way to procure this cat, though, Bart is confronted by increasingly off-the-wall choices and situations in order to turn the story into a comical and fantastical one.

Neue Konversationen, neue Komplikationen

Neue Konversationen, neue Komplikationen is the second book in a series for German learners by Eric Richards.  The series’ protagonist, Anton, develops positive relationships with his friends throughout the novel. The behaviors of the women are depicted as superficial and only oriented toward coming out on top in a romantic rivalry.

Neue Reise, neue Abenteuer

Neue Reise, neue Abenteuer is the third book in a series for German learners by Eric Richards. The series’ protagonists return again in this short novel for a trip to Salzburg, Austria, where they experience Austrian culture firsthand and meet up with old friends.

Fast stirbt er

Fast Stirbt Er is a classic “travel story” featuring Rachel, a white American girl from Michigan, who travels to Bavaria, Germany for 6 months where she stays with relatives. While in Germany, she experiences German school, gets to save two lives, and makes friends and good memories.


Robert Harrel tells the story of Klaus Stoertebeker and the Victual Brothers through the eyes of an American teenage boy, Geoff, who travels through time back to 1400. The story starts with a riveting legend about the famous pirate, and then takes a deep dive into his journeys, his daily life, and his end.